Yohden Primary School

Yohden Primary School
Believe Aspire Learn Achieve!

Our Ethos

Believe Aspire Learn Achieve!

At Yohden Primary School, we aim to prepare our children for a future with aspirations and a range of possibilities. We offer a bespoke curriculum to be inclusive to all and to broaden links with our community. We wish for our pupils to gain values of respect and gain the confidence to be resilient, happy individuals that will make a difference.  

Keys to Success

At Yohden Primary School we want to prepare children for the future both academically and personally.  We have therefore developed, in consultation with our school community, our Keys to Success.  These are the six qualities we feel all children can develop to help them become caring, mature and resilient members of society.

Resilient    To be resilient is to cope when things go wrong.

 To get up and have another go even when it is difficult.

To not be afraid of a challenge.

Not giving up.

Kind To be kind means you think about other people and their feelings.

 Being kind is helping someone or something in need.

Being kind is being a good friend.

Being kind makes the world a nicer place, because it makes people happier.

Respectful Being respectful is to know and understand everyone is different.

 To be respectful you need to listen to others.

To treat people like you would want to be treated.

To look after places and things.

Positive Being positive means to think about the good things.

 Thinking we can do anything.

Being happy.

Ambitious To be ambitious you want to go on to reach your goals and dreams.

 Know what you want to do.

To achieve your targets.

Independent To be independent is to be able to do things for yourself and think for yourself.

 Doing things by yourself with no help from adults or others.

Being confident with your own choices and decisions.